The Top 5 Podcasts I’m Listening To

I have to say I’m late to the party when it comes to Podcasts. Honestly it took my boyfriend having his own, for me to explore the great land of Podcastia. (PS – Check out  I’m on a couple of the shows).

1.       How I Built This

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for 30 years, you know most of the companies featured on this show. What I absolutely love is the first person account of the process including the inspiration, failures, and internal anchors each entrepreneur relied on. Rather than thinking “these guys are special,” you can actually walk away with applicable lessons learned. I look forward to every week when this comes out.

2.       A Well-Designed Business

So I’m not an interior designer, but this podcast covers way more than the industry basics. From Facebook advertising to your internal struggles with pricing and knowing your worth, each show can be useful to any industry – and the host is from New Jersey!

3.       The Ask Gary Vee Podcast

Continuing on the New Jersey host theme – Gary Vaynerchuk is my spirit animal. Shout out to Hunterdon County! If you don’t like cursing, this one isn’t for you. His in your face language and advice gets right to the heart of the matter. He calls out imposters looking to get rich quick or seem like they are on social media and support the every day business owner as they navigate the new tech landscape. There’s content every day, so you’ll never get bored.

4.       The Side Hustle School

I have to say I was initially turned off by this show. The host’s tone was so flat and Pacific Northwest (sorry Seattle and Portland friends!). Once I got past my initial bias, I got in a groove of listening to these 5-9 minute episode. Chris walks you through the business basics of an original side hustle and then gives his take on what principles work for the business. I love him way more when he goes off script! The coolest thing is I heard about my friend’s business – District Karaoke on one of the shoes. This is great for people looking for quick content digestion.

5.       The Moth

I love this podcast for true escapism. If you’re on a long car ride, load several episodes up and go for a ride. You can’t help but get transported into each storyteller’s life. Each story is 5-15 minutes long and will at a minimum make you think and at a maximum make you ready to make social change.  If you ever have the chance, check out a live show at Howard Theater.

A Day in the Life of Rico Suave The English Bull Dog

A Day in the Life of Rico Suave.jpg

7:00am – Ooooh the sun is up all for me! Time to go see it!

7:05am – Sweet! Mom is moving in bed. Better start grumbling so she knows I’m ready to start my day.

7:06am – Hmmm.... that didn’t work, time up my game into a higher pitch so she can hear me.

7:07am – Doesn’t she know who I am. I have people to see! (BARK)

7:10am – Chow time! This feels more like an appetizer, but it’ll do for now. It’s time to see my adoring fans downstairs and outside. Hope I don’t have to run into that a-hole Teddy in the elevator.

7:15am – Ahhh it’s my people. Yes scratch behind the ears and right next to my tail. Yes, I know I’m adorable. Feel free to join my Instagram and follow my life.

7:20am – Well that was quick guess it’s time for a nap.


9:20am – Mom, are you stillllll working? Guess I’ll sit at your feet and lick my paws. (She hates when I do that hahahaha)

9:25am – Damnit, now I’ve got the bootie on. That was a colossal fail. Ugh. Guess I’ll sleep some more.


4:00pm – That was the best dream about squirrels and butt rubs. Life is grand. Wait isn’t it time for more food?! MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!! Fix me a pot pie!

5:00pm – Ugh can’t believe I had to wait an hour! One day I’ll be treated like the prince I am.

5:05pm – Sweet! Time to see the evening addition of my fan club. They’re extra affectionate at night. I can’t imagine what they do all day, but man some of them look rough. Good thing I’m there to pick up their spirits.

5:45pm – Mom, it’s time to play. Stop typing and talking. I’m right here……

6:00pm – Ooh this moose toy looks good, I think I’ll just suckle a little biiiiiiiii……


9:00pm – (Rico it’s time for bed) What?! I’ve been sleeping all day. It’s party time. Get real woman! Here’s my toy now throw it! THROW IT NOW! COME ON THROW IT! Fine I’ll lick my paws again.

9:15pm – Damnit! The bootie again!

How To Break Your Social Media/Cell Phone Addiction

A Day in the Life of Rico Suave(1).jpg

This topic was suggested by a friend after a call for topics on my journey of 30 blog posts in 30 days. Keep in mind I am not a behavioral psychologist and all of the opinions and suggestions are things I’ve done myself and these may or may not work for you. Translation: take this with a grain of salt.

I would like to address the term addiction. Perhaps for the sake of this post, we’ll call it a dependency. I’ve seen what addiction can do and believe me Social Media and Cell Phone usage doesn’t come close to the damageof drugs, alcohol, gambling addiction, etc.

Now that we’ve got that squared away, when we talk about a dependency it’s related to a behavior or a habit that has been created over time (this is when you click on this link and pick yourself up a copy of The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business). Each habit begins with a cue or a signal followed by the behavior and the assumed reward.  In order to nip the behavior, we have to start with the cue.

Questions to Ask Yourself

1)      What makes you look at your phone?

2)      What triggers you to engage on social media?

3)      What feels normal or manageable?

4)      What feels out of control and crosses boundaries?

From what I’ve observed, most cell phone and social media use acts as a distraction or a time fill. You could be waiting in line, sitting in a meeting, “watching” little Jimmy’s baseball game. You’re physically there, but everything else is checked out making you about 15% effective where you are. (If you drive and do this, stop immediately.)

There is an expectation to be on call, but when you’re actually fully engaged in your life, your time is much more valuable and valued by others. You won’t waste 3 hours straight commenting on cat videos or reading opinion pieces. You’ll be out living in the world.

That’s not to say to do away with Social Media and smart phones, but rather to create a healthy relationship where your primary relationships (family, friends and your colleagues) are given fully focused time first. When those relationship needs are met, you will feel more engaged to check in, post and comment in your allotted time and then shut it down.

Goal: Create a Healthy Relationship with Social Media

How Do You Do That?

1)    Identify the Trigger (see above)

2)    After you’ve identified the trigger or cue, you can take several approaches:

a.     Remove the trigger – i.e. Delete Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter App from your phone. You’ll have time throughout the day to check it on your computer or during your allotted hours. In this scenario, put the App in a sub-folder or put it on the last page of your Apps.

b.     Reduce the trigger – Turn off the alerts or notifications (especially the sounds) for all of the guilty Apps including your email and text messages. At a minimum, this should be on vibrate.

c.     Schedule time for Social Media or email on your phone.

3)    Create household rules and stick to them – i.e. meal time is phone free or cell phone use only between 7 and 9pm. It may seem strict, but you asked for it. Remember?

4)    Instead of commenting on a post, call the friend or family member and have a real conversation.

5)    Don’t sleep next to your phone or have your phone in your bedroom. If it’s an emergency, they will call and you will hear it.


Try them out and let me know how it goes after 30 days!