Episode 15: The Watercolor Wonder Woman, Cassie Carpenito

2018-02-15 17.27.34.jpg

It's a podcast filled with alliterations and illustrations (hehe) Cassie Carpenito of Cassie Creative joins us to talk about her journey from being a leasing agent to a copy writer to a watercolor artist. We talk about the pitfalls of comparison in the Instagram world and why you should never trust Etsy to set your price as an artist.

Check Cassie and her amazing time lapsed videos on Instagram @cassie.creative and view her work at www.cassiecarpenito.com


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Episode 14: Multi-Instrumental and Conscious-Based Thinker, Brian Farrow

Episode 14_ A Multi Cultural, Instrumental and Occupational Discussion with Brian Farrow.jpg

After getting delayed multiple times on his way back from a gig in Elko, Nevada, Brian pushed through jet lag and sleep deprivation to join me for a robust discussion on the music industry, starting a nonprofit in Greece and his idea to start a new business.

If you're interested in learning more about Brian's nonprofit efforts, check out the link below.

Melodies from Refugees:


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Episode 13: Beyond Resilient with Marc Cordon

marc cordon (1).jpg

Fellow iPEC Coach, Marc Cordon joins Lauren for a unfiltered and raw discussion about their paths to becoming coaches. For Marc, a career in academia brought success but a feeling that left him feeling burnt out, angry and wanting something else. After pursuing coaching certification, Marc found himself drawn to the misfits, rebels and ostensible iconoclasts who want to serve the greater good. 

Today he does just that and has written a book about the process, "Beyond Resilience." www.iambeyondresilient.com 

Feel free to reach out to Marc for a free copy of Beyond Resilient: marc@marccordon.com


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Episode 12: Criminologist, Activist and Author LJ Samuel Takes a Stand Against Interpersonal Violence

lj samuel.jpg

It's a very Southwest DC kind of day when our fiery guest, LJ Samuel stops in. She's got a PhD in criminology, 2 books under, and now a brand new nonprofit focused on educating and preventing interpersonal violence, Cupid's Sting.

We're getting real about rape, race, and rehabilitation. If you're not talking about it, you need to listen to this episode.

If you live in the DC Metro Area, check out the launch event for Cupid's Sting. Sponsor, Attend or Partner in space or promotion. March 14th  6:30pm - 8:30pm, SW BID

Instagram: @cupidssting

Twitter: @cupids_sting

Email: info@cupidssting.org


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Episode 11: Rethinking The Way We Meet and Interact with Arianna Rehak


Hailing from Montreal, Canada, Arianna Rehak snagged the title of first international podcast guest. In addition to being a bad ass who survives 15 below temperatures, Arianna is a community-building rock star who created a virtual conference for association professionals with collaboration and community engagement at the forefront.

It's not all roses and coffee meet ups as Arianna put in a series of 19-hour days up until the launch date. Hear her creative process, the ideal number to create collective knowledge and how she attempts to balance a start up and life on the outside.


Feel free to check out the e-books and recorded sessions from Surge, a virtual conference provided by Association Success.


Download the e-book here: 


Episode 10: Redefining SpitFires, Boxes and Expectations with Emma G

emma g.jpg

Emma G pops in from a workout to talk about her journey to DC from New Zealand, her struggles to balance the expectations of two cultures as a dual citizen and the challenge of worth and pricing as a musician.

Warning: This episode contains a number of "Truth Bombs"

Learn more about Emma G: www.emmagmusic.com


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Episode 9: From Karaoke Queen to Perfectionist Front Woman, Ginny Hill


Ginny Hill trucks down to Southwest DC on a snowy morning to sit down and talk about her journey in performing. It took her to 30 to realize she was the bomb dot com and we're so happy she took the leap!

We're talking about work-balance integration, motivation and goals for 2018.

For more information about Ginny: 



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Episode 8: Peace and Conflict Resolution with Shermikia Lemon


Peacefully Profitable Coach Shermikia Lemon calls in from North Carolina to talk about her journey into conflict resolution. After gaining a masters in peace and conflict strategies, Shermikia made the bold decision to leave the corporate world and apply her passion for calm to those in need. Now as a coach and wellness consultant, Shermikia guides her clients into a more peaceful, productive and prosperous life.

For more information on Shermikia visit www.peacefullyprofitable.com 

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Episode 7: What Makes Louisa Hall Tick?


The Sweetly Snarky Songstress, Louisa Hall, sits down at my kitchen island to talk about her new album, videos, dating dos and don'ts and her quest for latte foam art.

Check out Louisa Hall at www.louisahallmusic.com and save the date for her album release on February 16 at Jammin' Java


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Episode 6: Better PR Now with Mark Phillips

mark phillips.jpg

Mark Phillips of Better PR Now joins Lauren for an in depth discussion on what makes PR and Communications really work. (Hint: It's not about gimmicks, flash or sparkle).

Check out Mark's Podcast: Better PR Now at www.betterprnow.com

The Four Agreements

The Awesome Shit List Journal

Shower Whiteboard

Yoga Nidra on The Insight Timer App

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Episode 5: Eli Lev, Folk Rock n Roller


On today's show Eli and Lauren compare notes on living in and on purpose and how they deflect icky vibes. As a full-time musician, Eli shares how he leverages and loathes social media and keeps his love of creating music and connections at the forefront of his days.

From the metro to a new album, Eli has come a long way in just a year

Check out his new album and his CD Release Show at Songbyrd in DC on December 13th!

Check out more info on Eli Lev here: www.eli-lev.com


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Episode 4: Making Traditional Yoga Accessible in Non-Traditional Spaces with Erin Sonn of Eat, Yoga Drink


Educator, Yogi and Craft Beer Enthusiast, Erin Sonn chair poses for our chat as we talk about taking risks, trusting our selves, and letting it go! We get real about the pretension that prevents some people from getting into yoga and what Erin thinks about flat beer and  people.

Erin is the Founder of Eat, Yoga, Drink, a Washington, DC area yoga practice held in non-traditional spaces like breweries, restaurants and outdoor areas. She leads with mindfulness and aims to make yoga accessible for all.

If you'd like to connect with Erin as a collaborator or you're interested in attending an upcoming event, visit www.eatyogadrink.com or email eatyogadrink@gmail.com

Episode 3: The Cape of Courage and Personal Branding with Meredith McCaskill of 12N Consutling

meredith mccaskill.jpg

Lauren has a chat with Social Media and Personal Branding Rock Star, Meredith McCaskill of 12N.

Lauren and Meredith talk about Meredith's path to entrepreneurship and the creation of the Cape of Courage as well as the obstacles and set backs of being an entrepreneur.(If you're a pattern maker or in the apparel business, Meredith wants to hear from you!) www.twelvenorthconsulting.com

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Episode 2: Not Taking No for An Answer with Fundraising Guru, Dawn Brown

Episode 2_dawn brown.jpg

Lauren sits down with Fundraising Ninja and Neighbor, Dawn Brown. They talk about where she gets her strength from and what challenges her confidence. After leaving a toxic workplace, Dawn is emerging as an even stronger nonprofit business development powerhouse. Check out Episode 2.

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The Origin of The SpitFire Podcast

The Origin of The SpitFire Podcast

Welcome to the first episode of The SpitFire Podcast! Hear from Lauren LeMunyan, Certified Executive Coach and the host of The SpitFire Podcast, as she shares her journey to becoming a coach and creating the show.

If you’d like to share your story or be a guest on the show, we’d love to hear from you.

Here is a link to the blog mentioned: http://laurenlemunyan.com/30dayblog/=/10-things-you-should-and-shouldnt-do-when-starting-a-business?