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Executive Coaching + Strategic Consulting + Accountable Management

Your Partner in Getting S&!# Done and Making Magic Happen!

As a business owner and former nonprofit professional, I felt limited by the boxes of pure coaching, hands-off consulting, and disconnected project management. Everything felt segmented and impersonal - not me. I wanted to bring my decades of entrepreneurial experience, extensive training as a Professional Certified Coach and MBTI Certified Practitioner, and lessons learned in the association management space, to serve my clients as a partner in their success and not just another coach or consultant.

I snag all of the benefits from coaching, consulting and management to provide the most dynamic, creative, and results-oriented service to improve your business.

Executive Coaching

Lauren LeMunyan is a Professional Certified Coach with over 500 certified hours coaching CEOs in tech, media, music, graphic design, social media, start up, customer service and nonprofit space. By starting the professional relationship with the foundations of coaching, we can clearly understand your goals, mission, passion, and blocks to success. We’re going beyond a SWOT or Market Analysis. Coaching creates clear expectations to build your plan to success.


Strategic Consulting

We build strategies that aim directly at your current and potential customers to address their pain points and solutions they need from you. By leveraging the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Energy Leadership Index Assessment, we can step in their shoes, speak their language, and attract in your ideal customers and employees. We provide strategic consulting services in the following areas:

·         Customer/Member Recruitment and Retention

·         Customer/Client Experience (Online & In Person)

·         Employee Retention and Recruitment

·         Conflict Resolution

·         Change Management

·         Marketing/Social Media Presence


Accountable Management

As an Executive Director of three international trade associations for over a decade with staff in three cities and volunteers around the globe, I understand the need for accountable communication when it comes to project management. I provide you with weekly status reports and work with key team members to stay on schedule or address issues and concerns that may delay or halt progress. I also provide “Energy Shots” to keep the motivation and creativity high.

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I start by understanding what’s important to you, what your goals are, and how you want to feel in your business. Then we work together to clear out the clutter in your head/physical space/and online space, build a plan for your website/marketing copy/social media strategy, etc and make it happen.

I’ve been told that as soon as they sign up, my clients already start to feel better because they know they can offload that emotional weight.

It’s scary to think that it all rests on your shoulders, but what if you could powerfully take on the role of Business Owner and love what you do?

Find out more about Phase I: The Fiscally Responsible Business Owner Package to see how Business Coaching can work for you.


The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin

New! Ideal Leader Action Plan available on Skillshare (~29 minutes and includes handouts)

New! Ideal Leader Action Plan available on Skillshare (~29 minutes and includes handouts)