Why Work with a Coach?

A certified professional coach will give you unbiased, open and trustworthy feedback, insight and accountability that is 100% focused on what you want. Every conversation is confidential and built around the client’s agenda and goals. This is your time to live your best life. 


Differences between Coaching, Therapy, Mentoring, and Consulting

Coaches work with clients to build and achieve their personal goals and visions for their most awesome life. "So you're like a therapist??" Here's a breakdown between coaching, therapy and consulting. 

A therapist is awesome for getting you from a place of dysfunction (past) to a state of function (present). If you feel like your work with a therapist keeps you on memory repeat, a coach may be a good option to move you into your future plans.

A mentor is amazing for someone who has blazed the same trail you would like to go down and they will tell you exactly how to do it. A coach will assess your goals and values to help you build and live in your dream trail. For example, how do you think this career or goal will change you or your life once it's accomplished?

A consultant is fantastic for telling you exactly what you need to do to address a problem. A coach will help you dive in to uncover your own solutions and will help you be accountable to see it through.

A coach’s job is to get you from present function to future vision. They listen to the goal behind the goal and identify areas of "stuckness" and work with clients to resolve and move through the blocks to get to their ideal goals.



Frequently Asked Questions

Does coaching work?

Rather than take up space here, I've written an article about it here.

What is a typical session like?

No session is typical. The structure is similar with defined goals and expectations. We will work through homework, dive into common themes and challenges, and brainstorm solutions. All sessions are coach-facilitated and client-agenda led. Clients get out what they put in.

Are you insured?

LLC, LLC is a licensed and insured business in Washington, DC.

What if I'm not in DC, can I still work with you?

Absolutely! Over half of my clients live outside of the DC-Metro area and of those most sessions are conducted by phone or Skype. If you'd like to have an in person session, additional fees may be incurred and time must be scheduled well in advance.

What is the difference between a certified and uncertified coach?

A certified coach has graduated from a school or program that is accredited through the International Coaching Federation. Additional certifications like the ACC, PCC and MCC signify increased knowledge and commitment to the profession with additional certified hours. As a Professional Certified Coach, I have over 500 certified hours. In addition to the training and knowledge, certified coaches abide by ICF's Code of Ethics which protects the privacy and confidentiality of the client at all times.

What can I expect out of a coaching package?

Results vary from client to client. As the coach, I work with you to define goals, create action plans and manage accountability. In the event that goals change or a deeper issue is lingering that needs to be addressed, the pace and theme of our sessions may change. Patience and trust is the name of the game.

Why is coaching so expensive?

As a certified coach, hundreds of hours, continuing education and professional development are required to bring you the highest level of service. Fees included in your coaching package involve the time spent in preparing content, customizing material and facilitating in depth sessions. On the surface it may seem that you are paying for a specific amount of time, but under the surface, hours were spent in creating the optimal experience for you.

How do I start the coaching process?

  1. Schedule a Complimentary Consultation
  2. Select a Coaching Package
  3. Review and Sign the Coach/Client Agreement (e-sign)
  4. Schedule Your First Session (Payment Due Prior to Your First Session)

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