Book Lauren for your conferences, conventions or team building meetings. Her bold and direct approach to dynamic communication and conflict resolution, will educate, entertain and engage attendees. 

Lauren has presented on the following topics:

"Confidence Builder: Discovering Your Inner Strut"

Confidence Never Goes Out of Style! This 90-minute interactive talk, helps attendees understand where there Inner Strut of Confidence is, what it's made up of and how they can use it to speak with confidence, enter the room with purpose, and trust their decisions.

"Pricing Your Personal Worth"

Whether you run your own business or have critical negotiations as part of a team, this dynamic workshop will dive into your personal blocks around finance, credibility and your personal worth. Suggested time: 2 hours

"Becoming The Ideal Leader"

Do you know who your Ideal Leader is? Are you you're ideal leader? Tap into your greatness using visualization, self assessments and action planning during this interactive 90-minute speech.

"Bridging the Generational Gap" 

I don't understand these millennial types. Why don't they think like me? Why don't they work like me? Lauren peels pack the label of generation cohorts to build connection, understanding and inspiration within multi-generational teams and organizations.

"Reviving Your Team's Pulse"

Is your team going through the motions? Are people resembling zombies around you? Lauren has the antidote and will tap into the pulse of your team to build a new motivation strategy.

"Creating a New Language for Conflict Resolution"

Understand your colleagues, step into your power and decrease stress. Using the core energy coaching methodology, Lauren delivers strategies to meet people where they are to increase communication, decrease conflict and expand collaboration and creativity.

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