Meredith MCcaskill, Co-Founder, Twelve North Consulting

I’m an entrepreneur with a co-founder, and I highly recommend (more so for the sake of someone you work closely alongside) that you get a coach to keep you on the hook. Even the most self-aware people need a third-party take on their lives. I gravitate toward people who give direct, sometimes punch-in-the-gut feedback. It’s not for everyone, but it’s for me. Just give it to me straight, so I can begin pivoting and be a better human than I was 5 minutes ago.

As my former CrossFit Coach, I knew how Lauren pushed me in the gym, and I figured if I wanted a no-pain, no-gain approach I would enlist Lauren to do so outside the gym as well. Lauren’s not a therapist, consultant or mentor – she’s a coach and by her own definition helps you move “from present function to future vision.” I have many flaws, but self-awareness isn’t one of them. I was curious as to what Lauren could possibly tell me that I didn’t already know needed work, but within 5 minutes of our first conversation she was tugging at some sore spots I didn’t even know were tender.  I highly recommend her as an executive coach!


Abby p., freelance writer, hartford, ct

When I started coaching with Lauren, I was directionless and working at a job I couldn’t stand. Lauren’s coaching process led me to finally figure out my career goals, personal values, and ideal working conditions. Her relentless positivity and support helped me quit my demoralizing job and move onto new opportunities. She even left me with a concrete action plan for going forward, and the confidence I need to carry it out. I definitely recommend Lauren’s coaching services for anyone looking to start something new or make big changes in their lives.

Phil Rappoport, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Agenda Pop, Washington, DC

Lauren offers a high energy, fun, and interactive workshop. She provides insightful lessons about how to make the most out of your relationships with your colleagues and clients.

Toni Johnson, Vice president, aauw, Washington, DC

An organization is only as good as the people in it, and Lauren LeMunyan’s positive people- focus and strategies helped to align my team with their strengths and collaborative relationships. Her high energy, fun methodology resonates with all generations and results in both introspection and team building experiences. I recommend Lauren as a coach to kick start your team in a fun, energetic, positive atmosphere that will elevate relationships and build strong teams.

Jeff G., New jersey

I spoke with Lauren a while back about how unhappy I was with regards to my personal health.  I am married, I have two young children, and I hold down two jobs.  Lauren listened while I went through my reasons for how difficult it was to include any time for exercise in my life.  I told her about my life long addiction to food and the negative correlation it had with my emotions.  I felt defeated with who I had allowed myself to become.  I was lost and years of self-afflicting doubt had me emotionally anchored to someone I didn’t want to be anymore.  Lauren was patient with me and went through each layer and educated me on the reasons as to why I was feeling the way I was.  Lauren also took the time to explore what I could do to challenge my own mindset.  She worked with me to set up a plan and generate some attainable short term goals.  Less than a year later, I have dropped 50 pounds, I have found my love again for weightlifting, I have found a new love for running, and I recently just competed in my first 5K.  I am a new person, both physically and mentally.  I have Lauren to thank for providing the spark I needed to break free.

Nicole R., New Jersey

This woman is amazing! If you're looking for that missing piece to get your life figured out, she will help you. 

KiKi L'Italien, Owner, amplified growth, Washington, DC

Lauren is like a deep tissue massage for your soul.