What's Included in this package?

  • 12 Hours of Individual Coaching: Phone, Zoom & In Person (DC Only Available)
  • One Assessment of Your Choice (ELI or MBTI Step II)
  • Values Assessment
  • Website/Social Media/Collateral Evaluation
  • Online Document Collaboration
  • Custom Action Plan
  • Unlimited Email Communication
  • ASL Journal (Awesome Shit List Journal)
Business Builder Payment Options

Who You Are

You’re on a budget, but you know you need to make critical changes to bring in revenue. You want to be able to outsource, but know that fiscal responsibility is a priority at this stage in your business.

What This Package Does For You

This package is ideal for existing or emerging business looking for feedback on their organization’s website, social media, communication, marketing and engagement. This is the package for the business owners who are comfortable with DIY changes.

How This Package Works

On Boarding. Client will fill out preliminary paperwork to set the expectations of the coaching relationship including a business scorecard, goals, and challenges.

MBTI/ELI Assessment. Cost included in package after September 15.

Create The Vision. Client works with LLC to understand the underlying mission, values and purpose of the business. 

Evaluate The Goods. Leveraging the newly founded mission, values and purpose of the business, LLC will evaluate the client’s collateral (Website, Social Media, Marketing Materials, Business Plan, Reviews) to highlight value misalignments in tone, aesthetics, engagement and user experience. LLC will provide and present a list of these areas of improvement and shifting. (Estimated completion between session 2 and 3).

Build The Plan. After discussing the evaluation and recommendations, the client works with LLC to build a plan to execute on these recommendations.

Get Er Done. Client works with LLC to stay accountable and on target while executing the plan.