who you are

Your business has been profitable for 3-5 years, but you feel stagnant and the numbers aren’t rolling in like they used to. You’re willing to ask for help, but don’t want to hand over your baby to a stranger. Your time is best spent on running the business, but you also have critical insight on the market and opportunities. You work best in a partnership, but don’t have that trusted resource within your business. You’re a solopreneur and have been successful, but aren’t in a place to hire a number 2 to help you run the business.

What this package does for you

This package is ideal for the business leader looking for brainstorming, sound boarding or a vent session from time to time.

how this package works

On Boarding. Client will fill out preliminary paperwork to set the expectations of the coaching relationship including a business leadership scorecard, goals, and challenges.

MBTI/ELI Assessment. Cost included in package after September 15.

Leadership Assessment. Using the ELI Leadership Assessment Tool and self-assessments, the client will have a comprehensive Ideal Leader image.

Create The Vision. Client works with LLC to understand their underlying mission, values and purpose of owning their business and will dig into the future vision of the business and business owner.

Set the Goals. After establishing the vision, mission, values and purpose, the Client will work with LLC to set their specific goals, timelines and needed resources.

Build The Plan. After discussing the evaluation and recommendations, the client will work with LLC to build a plan to execute on these recommendations.

Get Er Done. Client works with LLC to stay accountable and on target while executing the plan. Throughout this process, the Client works with LLC to discuss challenges and opportunities they experience along the way. 

What's Included in this Package?

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