In House Workshops from Lauren LeMunyan Coaching, LLC are geared to empower, engage and troubleshoot common issues in the workplace. From dynamic communication to the health and wellness, our workshops are designed to foster interaction, introspection and play. Workshops are recommended for groups of four to thirty, but can be tailored for smaller or larger groups.

"What's Your Type? Decoding Your MBTI Personality Type"

MBTI Certified Practitioner, Lauren LeMunyan will navigate the alphabet soup of theE-I, S-N, T-F and J-P dichotomies and works with teams to identify their personal and combined strengths. Suggested time: 2 hours

Dynamic Communication

The following topics are available as stand-alone 90-minute to half day workshops to help you develop and grow as your ideal communicator image.

  1. Developing and Communicating Your Core Message
  2. Managing Internal Dialogue
  3. Harnessing the Power of Effective Listening
  4. Power in Silence
  5. Integrating Anabolic Language
  6. Delivering Your Message
  7. Writing to Inspire Action
  8. Communicating Difficult Messages
  9. Creating Winning Conversations
  10. Mastering the Feedback Loop
  11. Leading Powerful and Purposeful Meetings
  12. Presenting to Groups

Energy Leadership™ Energetic Sales Cycle

The sales process is dynamic and, sometimes, unpredictable – except to those sales leaders who have mastered a unique process called the Energetic Sales Cycle. This seven step cycle enables you to effortlessly capture the attention of prospects and customers, create dynamic conversations about goals, needs, and solutions, and engage potential customers in a successful relationship with you. In other words, you will sell more with less effort and stress!

Individual Workshop Topics Include:

  1. Being Your Ideal Sales Leader Image
  2. Selling Yourself
  3. Defining Your Vision of Success
  4. What’s Preventing Your Success?
  5. Attracting Your Ideal Leads and Prospects
  6. Don’t Sell, Coach!
  7. The Energetic Sales Process
  8. When Is it Time to Let It Go?
  9. Energy Sales Tools
  10. Keeping the Momentum Going

Energy Leadership™ Genius Mind

Think about a time when you were working on something and everything just clicked for you - you were “in the flow.” You may recall that the work you were doing seemed effortless, and you accomplished more than you ever expected or thought you could. Or maybe there was a time when you told yourself to put aside all of your agenda items and all of your prepared rationale for why one course of action was better than another and you just “got into” the discussion with your co-workers. You all drew instantaneously on your collective experiences, talents, and wisdom, and created breakthrough results. You could not recall how you arrived at the results that you did; it was almost as if you created something from nothing, but you and your team knew it was good.

Congratulations! You were tapping into your Genius Mind – that powerful place where the analytical mind and the creative senses meet. Their synergy produces a spontaneous creation of brilliant, breakthrough ideas and results. Learn how to develop and tap into these creative and powerful stores of wisdom, intellect, and passion in order to create new frontiers of performance for yourself, those around you, and your organization!

  1. Mastering your Whole Brain
  2. Developing Intuition
  3. Developing a Beginner's Mind
  4. Clearing the Path to Access the Genius Mind
  5. Experiencing Your Genius Mind
  6. Calling on All Senses
  7. Making Your Emotions Work for You
  8. Holographic Thinking
  9. Creative Action
  10. Rehearsal for the Main Event
  11. Bringing your Genius Mind to Work
  12. Inspiring the Genius Mind in Others

Problem Solving and Conflict Management™

Whether you view problems and conflicts as something to be fixed or as opportunities to experience and to stimulate growth, this coaching program will help you take the stress, frustration, guesswork, and rework out of problem solving and conflict management.

  1. What’s Your Problem?
  2. Do You Really Have a Problem?
  3. Taming the flight, fight, fright instincts
  4. Standing Up for Yourself
  5. Picking Your Battles
  6. What’s the real issue?
  7. Getting to Yes
  8. Taking Another Look
  9. Agreeing to Disagree
  10. Understanding the Real Problem
  11. Solving Problems Before They Happen
  12. Making Intentional Waves

Energy Leadership™ Time Management/Balance

Are you at the mercy of time or do you make time work for you? If time seems like an enemy of yours or if you feel that you fall victim to time, then the Energy Leadership Time Management and Life Balance program is for you. Even if you are a successful time manager, this program can shift your energy even higher by making you a master of time rather than a slave to it!

  1. De-stressing about not having enough time to get it all done
  2. Decluttering your office and your mind
  3. Eliminating time (and energy) wasters and dealing with the voice of perfection
  4. Becoming proficient in managing projects and tasks
  5. Recognizing your non-negotiables and staying committed to them in the face of the never ending task list
  6. Dealing with procrastination
  7. Delegating effectively
  8. Developing your customized systems for time management
  9. Saying “no” and setting boundaries
  10. Looking at the big picture to achieve your desired work/life balance
  11. Identifying the triggers that pull you off course and setting the support and accountability to keep you on track
  12. Creating your clear vision for today and the future

High Energy Relationships™

Relationships are wonderful gifts in our lives. Or are they? For you, are they blessings or a curse? Whatever your perspective, there is no doubt that our lives are filled and will always be filled with relationships. And our success in life and at work is dependent upon how well we lead the energy of our relationships and how skilled we are in having relationship energy work for us rather than against us. Learning how to build high-energy relationships and to successfully lead others in this aspect of your professional and personal lives will reduce stress and burden, free you to get more done through relationships with others (and with yourself), and enable you to create a high performance organization that realizes its potential and sustains its level of excellence.

  1. Creating Your Ideal Relationship
  2. Developing a High Energy Relationship
  3. Resolving Conflict in Relationships
  4. Relationship Cycle of Change
  5. Shifting a Relationship’s Focus
  6. Creating Powerful Working Relationships
  7. Creating Powerful Team Relationships within Your Organization
  8. Nurturing the “other” important relationships in your work (and in your life)
  9. Being a Relationship Magnet
  10. Fostering and nurturing successful family relationships
  11. Creating new relationships in your career and in your life
  12. Developing supportive social relationships

Health and Wellness™

“Our human bodies are miracles, not because they defy laws of nature but precisely because they obey them.” – Harold S. Kushner Our bodies are powerful partners in our lives. They react naturally and truthfully to how we think, how we move, what we process emotionally, what we eat, and even how we view them. If we are stressed, our bodies respond with tight muscles or headaches. If we eat too much or eat unhealthy foods, our bodies add fat and change their metabolism. If we cease our exercise programs, our bodies lose muscle and stamina. Think how powerfully we could live our lives if we simply listened to our bodies’ reactions to our lifestyles and choices in life. Our minds may tell us stories, but our bodies never lie! If we want to know “how life is going,” all we need to do is check in with our bodies and our physical energy to get our answer. But yet, so many of us ignore the well being of our bodies. Even though many of us have goals to lose weight, eat right, and exercise, we often postpone these goals and hope that someday we will have the time to take care of our bodies and ourselves.

That someday has arrived!!! Become a powerful leader in your own health and wellness. Reduce stress, boost your confidence and energy, and develop a sense of inner peace and calm – these are the benefits of the Energy Leadership TM Health and Wellness Coaching Program.

Core Energy Leadership: The 7 Levels

What if you could understand your coworkers, vendors and leaders better? What if you could communicate clearer, be less stressed and have more influence at home and work? This one-hour workshop will provide an overview for each of the seven levels and how the interrelate with other levels and show up in real world scenarios. When we can expand our perspective, we can meet people where they are.

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