Lauren LeMunyan Coaching

Let's Make Some Magic!

You go through the routine of daily life: wake up, shower, brush your teeth (and floss), sit in traffic, sit through 8-12 hours of work, go home, eat, family face time, and sleep. You repeat this five days a week and then are so exhausted on the weekend, you want to Netflix and Chill your remaining time away. You know you want more to your life, but the weight of obligations, expectations, bills, and labels, makes you feel stuck.

I hear this or a version of it from most of my clients. They want more. They want to tap into their creativity and start making life happen.

That's where I come in. I work with clients in a ping-pong/trampoline fashion, to tap into a client-centered creative plan. Whether it's forming a new business, career, leadership image, or relationship, we work together to define your goals, values and strategy to get to your most awesome self.

Weekly sessions are designed to increase accountability, consistency, and engagement as we work through the blocks that have been holding you back.

Are you ready to get engaged? (No ring necessary!) 

Click to Register for the Spring Cleaning Summit!

Click to Register for the Spring Cleaning Summit!