Lauren LeMunyan Coaching

Are You on the Verge? Let's Make Some Magic!

I hear this so many times from my clients "I feel like I'm on the verge of something awesome, but I don't know how to get there."  It can be frustrating to know that you're meant for more, but feel stuck in the powerless routine of your life.

As a certified life and business coach, I work alongside clients to create goals, action plans and accountability while discovering the blocks that have stopped them in the past.

Imagine your life or business as a racetrack. You're in the car with your engine revved. You step on the gas but realize there's no gas in the car or you have a flat tire. Like the Indy 500, you need a pit crew to support you as you cruise your way to awesomeness. I'm here to fuel you up with creativity and passion to get you on track and leaving people in your dust.

I work with clients in a ping-pong/trampoline fashion, to tap into a client-centered creative plan. Whether it's forming a new business, career, leadership image, or relationship, we work together to define your goals, values and strategy to get to your most awesome self.

Weekly sessions are designed to increase accountability, consistency, and engagement as we work through the blocks that have been holding you back.

Are you ready to get engaged? (No ring necessary!) 

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