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Strategic Coaching for the Creative Business Owner | Your Partner in Getting Sh*! Done

As the head of the helm, you are responsible for critical decisions that can make or break your business.  You've made it work with duct tape and a prayer and would love to expand and add creative resources to your team. You aren't in a position yet to add a number two to the payroll and consultants feel too temporary and hands-off.

If only you had someone who understood you and your business, developed strategic action plans and brainstormed with you while supporting you to achieve your goals...

For over twenty years, I have created and launched businesses in the apparel and fitness industry, managed international nonprofits, and supported entrepreneurs from inception to execution. My greatest joy is supporting business leaders as they navigate decisions in budgeting, branding, marketing, social media, operations and recruitment and retention.

Current clients include leaders in graphic design, media, technology, education, entertainment and nonprofits.

By understanding your core values, mission and goals,  we'll create a custom framework to support your growth and power as a creator and decision maker. Sessions are structured to keep you on track and fluid to allow for success-block discovery and resolution.

Whether you're looking for an initial business plan, sound boarding partner or project manager, LLC, LLC has packages customized for your needs and goals.

Tap into your passion and Fall Back In Love With Your Business!


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New! Ideal Leader Action Plan available on Skillshare (~29 minutes and includes handouts)

New! Ideal Leader Action Plan available on Skillshare (~29 minutes and includes handouts)